[erlang-questions] xmerl utf-8 encoding

Michal Ptaszek michal.ptaszek@REDACTED
Fri Feb 13 11:38:16 CET 2009

Hi All,

After the migration from R12B4 to R12B5 (xmerl version changed from 1.1.9 to 1.1.10) 
I have noticed something probably unwanted.

During the document processing phase, the wfc_Legal_Character fatal error is thrown even
if I use the proper header (<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>). 

The previous version of xmerl was dealing with UTF-8 encoded characters flawlessly, 
the newest one unfortunately does not want to cooperate. 

Is it a xmerl bug/intended feature/my xmerl misunderstanding (if so, how to parse document 
containing UTF-8 encoded characters correctly)?

Best regards,
Michal Ptaszek

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