[erlang-questions] Does Emakefile support ASN.1 files?

Maxim Treskin zerthurd@REDACTED
Fri Feb 13 08:57:41 CET 2009

2009/2/13 Bengt Kleberg <bengt.kleberg@REDACTED>

> Greetings,
> Can you change the Emakefile to have your target first in the tuple?
> I have not worked with ASN1, but from what I know of Emakefiles the
> first entry in the tuple should be the target (module). According to the
> compile documentation ASN1 files are the source for targets, not
> targets.
Now my Emakefile is:

{"SSWConn", [{outdir, "."}]}.

There is SSWConn.asn file in directory. "erl -make" prints:

$ erl -make
Recompile: SSWConn
./SSWConn.erl:none: no such file or directory

BTW, for .erl files my Emakefile is:
{"src/*", [debug_info, {i, "../asn"}, {warn_format, 1}, {outdir, "ebin"}]}.

and all works fine.

Maxim Treskin
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