[erlang-questions] Emakefile and macro

David Nonnenmacher dnonnenm@REDACTED
Tue Feb 3 19:24:51 CET 2009


I would like to compile some erlang files that contains a macro. The
Emakefile has the following contents:

  {d,"MY_MACRO", "ITS_VALUE"},
The problem is that there is no generated beam. The output command (ie erl
-make) is the following:

*Recompile: /home/dnonnenm/PROJECTS/lib/my_appli/src/module_1
Recompile: **/home/dnonnenm/PROJECTS/lib/my_appli/src/module_2
Recompile: **/home/dnonnenm/PROJECTS/lib/my_appli/src/module_3*

There are no errors, no warnings.

I did the same but removing the macro definition (ie {d, ....}), and there
are some beam generated. But I have an error dur to the missing macro.

Is this a bug ? or did i write something bad ?

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