[erlang-questions] How to use Mnesia Database from C/C++/Java ?

Michael Gebetsroither gebi@REDACTED
Mon Jan 21 10:55:17 CET 2008

* Amritpal Singh <amritpal.singh@REDACTED> wrote:

> Now, my problem is , i don't want to change the core of my application whic=
> h is already encoded in 'C' , so need to access 'Mnesia DB' from 'C'.
> As per my findings, there are no ODBC drivers available for Mnesia.
> So, think need to have some kind of external interface to 'Erlang' like 'Er=
> l_Interface' which i can use from 'C' program to interact with 'Mnesia DB'.

If you have used sql before to store your temporary data, whats about
sqlite? Just open an sqlite db with name ":memory:" and it creates an
complete in-memory db easily accessible from your c program.

It's already too late!

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