[erlang-questions] concurrency developments

Bob Ippolito bob@REDACTED
Wed Jan 16 08:30:00 CET 2008

2008/1/15 alex alvarez <eajam@REDACTED>:
>  Well, in the case of CLR, MS is lately putting out so many frameworks and
> new stuff that I cannot count them out in this respect.  There's no reason
> why they could not refurbish the CLR w/ the necessary code and put out a new
> framework just to access the new functionality without braking backwards
> compatibility.   The Sun folks in many respects are a little bit on the
> catch up lately with regards to features that first appeared in .NET, but at
> the end of all weren't inherently new (ie. generics).
> Now w/ regards to Erlang, which is meant for this type of massive concurrent
> work, my feeling is that the biggest problem/hurdle is not the back-end, but
> getting into the syntax and (more importantly) to mentally switch to a
> totally different format for paradigms.  Dr. Joe's book is d! efinitely a
> great help, but at least for me is coming slow but steady.  Maybe I'm
> completely wrong on this, but my feeling is also that Ericsson as a whole is
> not that into moving Erlang forward either.

You obviously haven't been paying attention. In recent years we've had
dialyzer, HiPE, SMP support, bitstr, binary performance enhancements,
etc. Obviously nobody is interested in significantly changing the
syntax, because frankly that's rather silly, but as far as open source
projects go having a release of a language platform every few months
is quite forward-moving. The open source ecosystem around Erlang also
has changed a lot recently too.


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