[erlang-questions] Hungarian notation for Erlang / ETL

Zvi exta7@REDACTED
Wed Jan 9 13:36:39 CET 2008

1. I also hate Hungarian notation and doesn't use it even in C++ (except m_
prefix), but I still need a solution for current version of Elrang (does it
mean that I need always use Dyalizer?).

2. I wasn't talking about implementing object using Erlang processes. I
talking about much simpler and functional solution, like providing
behaviour, like:


behaviour_info(callbacks) ->
     %% etc... 
behaviour_info(_Other) ->

then each ADT will implement this bahaviour, like:


%% ...


%% ...


%% ...



David Holz wrote:
> From: exta7@REDACTED
>> Is there some kind of Hungarian notation for Erlang? i.e. prefix or
>> postfix
>> naming convention.
> Hungarian notation is the absolute wrong solution to type confusion (or
> any other problem).  The new type annotations will eventually provide
> optional type information available to both the compiler and IDEs for
> keeping things straight.  It won't be long before it's an official part of
> the release; the annotation handling is in there already, just not
> documented.
> I would, though, also like to see some sort of actual OO-ish interface to
> a block of data that can dispatch to the proper behavior for that specific
> data term.  Java's collections and IO streams, while verbose, are
> incredibly usable implementations of that idea at their core.  With
> Erlang, however, it might mean that your data item is held by its own
> process, with a well-defined messaging interface, and might want some sort
> of automatic deferring to a parent process/module for unhandled calls or
> messages in the receive loop.
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