[erlang-questions] Hungarian notation for Erlang / ETL

David Holz david_holz@REDACTED
Wed Jan 9 02:07:48 CET 2008

From: exta7@REDACTED
> Is there some kind of Hungarian notation for Erlang? i.e. prefix or postfix
> naming convention.

Hungarian notation is the absolute wrong solution to type confusion (or any other problem).  The new type annotations will eventually provide optional type information available to both the compiler and IDEs for keeping things straight.  It won't be long before it's an official part of the release; the annotation handling is in there already, just not documented.

I would, though, also like to see some sort of actual OO-ish interface to a block of data that can dispatch to the proper behavior for that specific data term.  Java's collections and IO streams, while verbose, are incredibly usable implementations of that idea at their core.  With Erlang, however, it might mean that your data item is held by its own process, with a well-defined messaging interface, and might want some sort of automatic deferring to a parent process/module for unhandled calls or messages in the receive loop.

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