[erlang-questions] Can we ask this question to a distributed hash ?

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Tue Aug 12 00:24:26 CEST 2008

I'm sorry...

Actually, I meant not a dht, but more like a general distributed memory -- i.e. there may be duplicates in it and multiple actors (on different machines) can insert stuff into this memory.  This distributed memory can be configured to be either RAM-only or RAM-and-disk, across all machines.



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2008/8/9 Eric Ho <drwho102003-erlang@REDACTED>:
> "Is item X in our distributed hash ?"
> where the distributed hash exists as a gigantic hash in the RAMs of a
> of machines ?

Do you want to answer the question with an absolute yes or no, or is a
probabalistic answer good enough?

If the latter, then you need to do some research into "bloom
If your dht supports deletion then you will probably want a counted
bloom filter, and if the dht is very large or network bandwidth is
constrained you will want to examine compressed bloom filters as well.

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