[erlang-questions] erl_interface and/or sending binary data to drivers

Bill Robertson billrobertson42@REDACTED
Fri Nov 30 05:33:00 CET 2007

In the erl_interface documenation ( it states that you must call erl_init once and only one.


1.2 Initializing the erl_interface Library  
Before calling any of the other Erl_Interface functions, you must call erl_init() exactly once to initialize the library...."


Does this apply to a driver?  If so, how would you manage that?  An Erlang program could load any arbitrary driver.  How could I possibly make sure that somebody else's driver didn't call it when mne does?

Or is erl_interface not used in drivers?  

I'm new to Erlang, so maybe I'm just making this too hard.  What I really want to send some sort of code to the driver to indicate which function to call, and then send in binary format, an series of floats that are contiguous in memory.  Then I want to do some math in the c code and return 1 or more floats in binary format.

Any help will be appreciated.


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