[erlang-questions] Clarify: how to reduce startup time for escript ?

Bengt Kleberg bengt.kleberg@REDACTED
Mon Nov 26 08:12:22 CET 2007


the trick to reduce start up time _was_ SAE (stand alone erlang, see 
http://www.sics.se/~joe/bluetail/sae_r7b/sae.html). it does not exist 
any more.

the alternative (which i think you mention) is erlaunch 

Those were the days...
    EPO guidelines 1978: "If the contribution to the known art resides
    solely in a computer program then the subject matter is not
    patentable in whatever manner it may be presented in the claims."

On 11/24/07 19:31, Roberto Saccon wrote:
> I am working on a better integration of Erlang and TextMate (Mac text
> editor), basically adding the stuff which emacs / distel  already
> provides out-of-the-box.
> My current approach is based on escripts, which get called for
> specific actions such as compiling. For details see:
> http://www.rsaccon.com/2007/11/easy-erlang-compiling-with-textmate.html
> One problem with escripts is that their startup time is within a
> range, which a user perceives as (short) delay.
> It's about 0.15 sec on my system.
> Does there exist a trick to reduce this startup time ?
> Other approches such as connecting to a runnig node  give a response
> time perceived as "immediate", but are significantly more difficult to
> implement and to integrate into TextMate.
> regards

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