[erlang-questions] idea: service pack one

tsuraan tsuraan@REDACTED
Fri Nov 16 17:21:34 CET 2007

> 2) Hierarchical module namespace.  Flat namespace (or random
> conventions for hierarchy with random local policies about separators)
> is not conducive to having a well-organized CEAN.
> [Can you tell yet that all of my suggestions boil down to stealing the
> best things from Perl?]

+1 from me; this isn't just perl either; I think the only language I've ever
used that doesn't have namespace nesting is C, and that doesn't have
namespaces at all.  How do you write a huge program with a flat namespace?
 Do you start prefixing your module names with their scope, like
mycomponent_mysubpart:myfn, write really huge files, or what?
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