[erlang-questions] gen_event + syslog + sysklogd

Grasl Christoph C.Grasl@REDACTED
Fri Nov 16 14:30:54 CET 2007

hi there!

i've seen some of u already answered some questions related
to the gen_event behaviour and its functions. since i'm new
to erlang i'd like to ask a question related to that topic
and i'm grateful for any reply.

currently i'm implementing a logging system using gen_event
and the syslog-interface to log additional local facilities
to the linux sysklog-daemon.

should my event-manager have a
supervised handler for each facility and/or for each severity
to enforce concurrency or is it better to have all events handled
after one another by only one handler and using clauses to match
certain conditions?

when 'notifying' i assume the event-manager propagates the event to
all handlers belonging to that manager. shouldn't i use
'call' instead to already specificly adress the certain handler with my
request/event in order to avoid passing-around-messages and matching
against clauses in each handler and therefore conserve performance?

i'm still not very sure which approach makes the most sense, maybe
some of you can give me a hint or two on how this is realized.

thanx a lot for your time,

cheers, chris
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