[erlang-questions] clarify: gen_udp Set outbound ip address

Fredrik Thulin ft@REDACTED
Thu Nov 15 09:22:59 CET 2007

mog wrote:
> Thanks for all the advice, however, clustering is secondary to fault
> tolerance to me.  I really am trying to build a system with 9 9s of
> reliability.  So I really need a way to have a cloud of computers
> running under one ip.  I imagine i could use a mirrored switch and then
> forge the udp packets, but I was trying to do this without any custom
> hardware.  Has anyone developed a system like this? and If not how did
> you reach such high levels of reliability.

Is it easier to achieve 99.999 with a single server cluster at one place 
(well, one L2 domain) or with the same number of servers spread out over 
the globe?

I guess that depends on whether your clients are all located in roughly 
the same place or not. I never stick all my important servers in the 
same L2 domain.


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