[erlang-questions] Lets build a stock exchange!

Joel Reymont joelr1@REDACTED
Mon Nov 12 02:27:13 CET 2007


On Nov 12, 2007, at 12:10 AM, YC wrote:

> Agreed that cool factor shouldn't be it for a book (since Joel  
> confirmed
> that book is the first priority), but there probably is an element of
> marketing there :)

There's a large element of marketing here.

> On the other hand, books such as Norvig's PAIP covers examples that  
> are not
> in common use, but because the author focuses so much more on  
> teaching the
> subject matter and how to use Lisp to solve them, I found myself  
> walking
> learning something without ever using the example.

I very much like your PAIP suggestion. I'll have to keep it handy  
while I'm writing.

Overall, I received so much excellent feedback and ideas that it's  
gonna take me
some time just to organize them. Between the book, the blog, this  
mailing list
and the book list, I'll have to swear off Reddit, Wall St Journal and  
my RSS feeds!
In fact, I have already unsubscribed from the Haskell and OCaml lists  
just to keep
a tight focus :-).

> Without getting to that level of detail, then best examples are  
> relevant
> ones - i.e. examples that can be immediately of use by simply copy and
> paste.

That would be more of a "cookbook" approach and I'm not looking to  
write a cookbook.

> If going with a relevant angle - then a lot of people today are  
> working on
> web-based applications and database related applications, so if the  
> example
> solves at least some of the web and database problems than it won't  
> hurt ;)

Web apps in Erlang is a whole separate book, one that I don't plan to  

	Thanks, Joel


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