[erlang-questions] Lets build a stock exchange!

Damien Morton dmorton@REDACTED
Mon Nov 12 00:29:12 CET 2007

A key aspect of any next generation trading system will be the 
incorporation of streaming-database and continuous-query capabilities 
into the underlying message bus.

On 11/11/2007 6:14 PM, jm wrote:
> Christian S wrote:
>> Anyone know a book on technical requirements that brokers put on stock
>> exchanges? Order matching procedures, what information do tax offices
>> want, typical features as in stop-loss rules...
>> Oh, and yes. A stock exchange is cooler than poker.
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> Was curious so when looking for info on the  Australian Stock Exchange 
> (ASX). Try
> https://www.asxonline.com/intradoc-cgi/idcplg?IdcService=ASX_COLLECTION_DISPLAY&hasCollectionID=true&dCollectionID=10&SortField=dInDate&SortOrder=Desc
> or http://www.asxonline.com
>    -> Participant  (top menu)
>    -> Library      (top menu)
>    -> Manuals      (in list of item)
> Some other items listed at this level require a login.
> I can't find the rules and regulations governing trading, but there is 
> discussion of it in a general sense floating around somewhere on the net 
> which would be accurate enough for the job at hand as the idea is to 
> show case erlang and not to provide a realistic simulation of a real 
> stock exchange. For this to be a viable demostration project, you could 
> ignore most of the trading rules and concentrate on
> * the interface to the traders (I think that can be found in the above docs)
> * the phases of the market (closed, pre-open, open, pre-close, etc)
> * order matching
> * order tracking
> * reporting
> * outstanding orders and market depth
> * etc
> As far as the actual trading rules goes you could write your own and 
> show how to make it "easy" to modify the system to change the systems 
> trading rules without taking the system down (hot code updates) or 
> needing a domain specific rule language which would be the port of first 
> call in many another language.
> This looks to be a much better project than a poker site as this could 
> easily be modified into any type of clearing house site. This type of 
> project is more likely to be of interest to main stream business as they 
> can see the direct applicability to their situation where as a poker 
> site may not have the same impact as intended.
> Jeff.
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