[erlang-questions] Lets build a stock exchange!

jm jeffm@REDACTED
Mon Nov 12 00:14:29 CET 2007

Christian S wrote:
> Anyone know a book on technical requirements that brokers put on stock
> exchanges? Order matching procedures, what information do tax offices
> want, typical features as in stop-loss rules...
> Oh, and yes. A stock exchange is cooler than poker.
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Was curious so when looking for info on the  Australian Stock Exchange 
(ASX). Try


or http://www.asxonline.com

   -> Participant  (top menu)
   -> Library      (top menu)
   -> Manuals      (in list of item)

Some other items listed at this level require a login.

I can't find the rules and regulations governing trading, but there is 
discussion of it in a general sense floating around somewhere on the net 
which would be accurate enough for the job at hand as the idea is to 
show case erlang and not to provide a realistic simulation of a real 
stock exchange. For this to be a viable demostration project, you could 
ignore most of the trading rules and concentrate on

* the interface to the traders (I think that can be found in the above docs)
* the phases of the market (closed, pre-open, open, pre-close, etc)
* order matching
* order tracking
* reporting
* outstanding orders and market depth
* etc

As far as the actual trading rules goes you could write your own and 
show how to make it "easy" to modify the system to change the systems 
trading rules without taking the system down (hot code updates) or 
needing a domain specific rule language which would be the port of first 
call in many another language.

This looks to be a much better project than a poker site as this could 
easily be modified into any type of clearing house site. This type of 
project is more likely to be of interest to main stream business as they 
can see the direct applicability to their situation where as a poker 
site may not have the same impact as intended.


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