[erlang-questions] slave nodes and ets

Anders Nygren anders.nygren@REDACTED
Fri Nov 9 19:53:30 CET 2007

When converting a program from using the SMP emulator to use
slave nodes I noticed one thing that I can not figure out how or
why it is working.

- On the master node I create an ETS table.
- The table id is included as an argument to a function that is
called on the slave node
- The slave node is able to insert data in the table on the master

At first I thought that I just didn't execute on the slave nodes, but
after adding a number of printouts that prints node() and self()
and ets:i() and rpc:call(Master,ets,i,[]) I an convinced that it
actually works.

The documentation for slave does not mention anything about
how ets behaves between master and slave nodes.

Can someone please explain if
- I am hallucinating?
- is it supposed to work this way?
- is it supported?
- is it documented somewhere?


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