[erlang-questions] Syntax highlight erlang code with erlang

Torbjorn Tornkvist tobbe@REDACTED
Wed May 23 10:52:50 CEST 2007

Petter Larsson XA (TN/EAB) wrote:
> I have a file browser in yaws that I look at erlang code with.
> I would like to syntax highlight this code.
> What is the best way to view a erlang source code with syntax
> highlighting?
> I can parse the code with functions in Syntax_Tools I guess, but does
> anyone have any example code for this?
> BR
> Petter Larsson

Perhaps you could do it with Chili ?
Chili is the jQuery code highlighter plugin.


Would be nice if you could post the setup of Chili when you're done... :-)


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