[erlang-questions] HiPE for Windows?

Frank ft27h@REDACTED
Wed Dec 26 18:38:20 CET 2007

Hey all

I am new to Erlang, but already i am very very impressed with the language! Currently i am writing programs for evaluating genetic algorithms, and performance is everything. I have found that Erlang is a bit slower in specific areas compared to f.ex. C++ or C# with specialised, custom datastructures. This is not a problem as such since distributed applications are (very) easy to write in Erlang.
But i have been looking around for information about High Performace Erlang (HiPE) for windows... does anyone know if, and perhaps when, that will be released?

Best regards, and happy holidays


 Få en billig laptop. Se Kelkoos gode tilbud her! 
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