[erlang-questions] GMT difference with DST

Per Hedeland per@REDACTED
Mon Dec 24 21:20:52 CET 2007

shahzad bhatti <bhatti_shahzad@REDACTED> wrote:
>I am looking for a built-in function to calculate difference between
>local time and UTC including any day light savings time. Can someone
>help with this. Thanks.

1> UTC = calendar:universal_time().
2> Local = calendar:universal_time_to_local_time(UTC).
3> Diff = calendar:datetime_to_gregorian_seconds(Local) - calendar:datetime_to_gregorian_seconds(UTC).

Note that it isn't always possible to find the diff if you're
starting with a given local time - see the documentation for
local_time_to_universal_time_dst/1 in calendar(3).

--Per Hedeland

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