[erlang-questions] how: ot: real time web pages?

Paul Oliver puzza007@REDACTED
Mon Dec 3 10:25:39 CET 2007

Hi Jouni,

Chris Double a.k.a Blueish Coder has a great blog entry and example
code for this here:


On Dec 2, 2007 7:25 AM, Jouni Rynö <Jouni.Ryno@REDACTED> wrote:
> I start from what I would like to have:
> A web page with a real time updated display of numerical values and
> graphs. Think about typical process displays in industry,
> temperatures, voltages and some graphs showing parameter history.
> Maybe some graphical layout of hardware, to show how each parameter
> is connected to each other.
> To achieve that, I would need a  web page template format, where I can:
> - define named text fields, which shall be updated
> - define named graphics, which can be updated
> - and some code to generate the real page and connection functions
> for (comet style?) communication with the page and erlang process
> feeding the data
> Currently I have all that implemented as Tcl/Tk canvas (thanks to Ola
> Samuelsson and ewish, which was distributed with Erlang back in 97 or
> so?)
> As my understanding of "javascript" is practically zero, I would like
> get a hint on how to do this. Googling shows a lot of options, most
> of the systems not quite being there. Should it be simply javascript
> and svg, changes updated via attributes. Or canvas tag (complicated
> with text fields?) Or haxe and flash (for which I did not find
> examples, how the update mechanism would work) Or something else?
> Is this doable? Some examples existing already?
> Jouni
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