[erlang-questions] how: ot: real time web pages?

jm jeffm@REDACTED
Mon Dec 3 03:33:16 CET 2007

Robert Raschke wrote:
> On and off I've been thinking it would fab to create an H.264 video
> stream on the fly that would serve your constantly updating view.
> Anyone know of any tools that would allow the creation of such a
> stream directly from within code, i.e., drawing instructions get drawn
> on the "canvas" and they magically appear in the stream?  Maybe just
> something that can read from an SDL canvas and regularly (frame-rate)
> do its thing?
> At least for view-only, that would be quite interesting.  Interacting
> would need a bit of thought.

I was thinking of something along the same lines the other day, but was 
thinking of using the same protocol that is used in VNC,


The protocol,

A simple counter example,

The main reason I was thinking along this path in the first place was a 
way to get around the Element Manager problem that you see with network 
equipment needing to run a special client program which is one reason a 
lot of these companies are reaching for Web Application. This, as you 
know, introduces a new set of problems to do with supporting different 
browsers which leads companies to mandate the use of one browser so this 
is really a false solution. What I'm proposing here is that the client 
machine run a VNC client, and there's plenty of free ones available, and 
that the network device/server/etc runs a VNC server. This way it is 
possible to control the look and feel, etc without the bloated browser 
stack and its problems. This argument would be valid for most thin 
client protocols, but I think the VNC is one of the more suitable ones.

It also gives interaction which you for see as a problem with your method.


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