[erlang-questions] ErlyBird 0.11.0 released. An Erlang IDE based on NetBeans

Caoyuan Deng dcaoyuan@REDACTED
Fri Apr 20 13:27:38 CEST 2007

I'm please to announce ErlyBird 0.11.0, an Erlang IDE based on NetBeans.

With features:

    * Syntax checking.
    * Syntax highlighting.
    * Functions navigator.
    * Code-folding.
    * Indentation.
    * Completion for built-in/remote function call. (new)
    * Go to declaration for remote function call (press down Ctrl and
click on the function name). (new)
    * Project management - create/manage/build project tree. (new)
    * Compilation error locate. (new)
    * Auto indexing OTP libs and project sources. (new)
    * Interactive Erlang Console. (new)

And with known Issues:

    * ErlyBird is memory eager so far, it needs at least -Xmx256m set,
380m or more is recommended for big source files. Check the config
file of NetBeans that is located at etc/netbeans.conf, make sure
you've set -J-Xmx256m in line of 'netbeans_default_options'
    * Run project button does not work yet, if you press run project
button, will show an interactive erlang shell only.
    * When indexing OTP libs, there may be Exceptions pop-ups, which
indicate out of heap space, you can just ignore it.
    * Do not open/go to declaration too big source file in ErlyBird,
this will also cause out of heap space.

And lacking features:

    * Debugging
    * ...

To download, please go to:

There are two installation options now, you can choose one of them:

The first one: A pre-packed NBMs kit:
erlybird-bin-0.11.0-kit-nbms.zip(about 2.8M). To install:
Downloaded NetBeans IDE 6.0 M8+ via:
Select Q-Build in 'Build Type'.
After NetBeans IDE installed, unzip erlybird-bin-0.11.0-kit-nbms.zip
first, then:

   1. From menu: Tools -> Update Center
   2. In the "Select Location of Modules" pane, click "Install
Manually Downloaded Modules(.nbm Files)", then "Next"
   3. Click [Add...] button, go to the path to select all *.nbm files.
   4. Following the instructions to install updated modules.
   5. Restart NetBeans.
   6. Set your OTP path. From [Tools]->[Options], click on
'Miscellanous', then expand 'Erlang Installation', fill in the path of
your 'erl.exe' or 'erl' file.

The second one: A standalone ErlyBird IDE:
erlybird-bin-0.11.0-ide.zip(about 18M). It does not need NetBeans IDE.
To install:

   1. Just unzip it to somewhere, then execute 'bin/erlybird.exe' for
windows, 'bin/erlybird' for *nix.
   2. Set your OTP path. From [Tools]->[Options], click on
'Miscellanous', then expand 'Erlang Installation', fill in the path of
your 'erl.exe' or 'erl' file.

If you are new to NetBeans, there are some docs for user:


It may not be stable yet, feedback and bug reports are welcome.

For more infomation, please visit my blog:

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