gen_tcp:recv - last segement when closed port

Per Hedeland hedeland@REDACTED
Sat Mar 11 14:55:08 CET 2006

"Valentin Micic" <valentin@REDACTED> wrote:
>Could it be that default receive buffer is somehow set to 1K?. If so, try to 
>increase it using:
>inet:setopts( Sock, [{recbuf, Integer}] ).

Well, that a) shouldn't be needed, b) may just hide the bug if there is
one (as Johan suggested), and c) may result in really bad performance if
you set it to something just big enough to handle a single packet (like
Johan did:-). You can avoid c) by using the undocumented 'buffer' option
instead of 'recbuf'.

(The recbuf/sndbuf options are "supposed" to set the size of the
kernel-level buffers where data is stored until collected via the socket
- recbuf directly affects the size of the TCP receive window. As a side
effect, I'm not really sure why this is done, setting recbuf will also
make sure the user-level buffer where data is stored after it has been
collected via the socket is at least as big. It's the size of the latter
that defaults to 1024 (the kernel-level buffer is generally way bigger),
and which may be relevant for Johan's problem. The 'buffer' option will
set only the size of the user-level buffer. Of course the idea is that
the Erlang programmer should never need to worry about these nitty-
gritty details.:-)


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