gen_tcp:recv - last segement when closed port

jmT2 johan@REDACTED
Sat Mar 11 13:00:45 CET 2006

Den 2006-03-11 12:51:22 skrev Valentin Micic <valentin@REDACTED>:

> Could it be that default receive buffer is somehow set to 1K?. If so,  
> try to increase it using:
> inet:setopts( Sock, [{recbuf, Integer}] ).
> Valentin.

Yes! I opened the socket with {recbuf, 1400} and it works. But am I only  
lucky? .... What will happend if the server manages to send two packets  
and then closes the port before I have parsed the first one?

Thanks for the quick help!


Johan Montelius jmT2

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