Erlang: The Movie

Bjarne Däcker bjarne@REDACTED
Wed Mar 1 11:12:46 CET 2006


> You watch it and think "Is it meant serious?  Or are these folks just
> having fun trying out the new departments video camera instead of
> working? How do they manage not bursting out laughing?". I really need
> the secret file, the one with the outtakes.
> BTW I showed this on a laptop during coffeebreak, but I fear it didn't
> brainwash the attending Java programmers. However they liked the frame
> with the old X11 surface and asked me what desktop I was using on the
> laptop. :-)

The International Switching Symposium used to be a very important conference
for the telecomms industry and in 1990 it took place in Stockholm. The
conference included a day of technical visits and many were to Ericsson. The
Computer Science Laboratory had prepared a presentation which was run eight
times during one day. Afterwards Joe and others decided to video record the
demo for posterity and for others to enjoy. That seems to have been a very
good idea!


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