Erlang: The Movie

User Marc van Woerkom marc.vanwoerkom@REDACTED
Wed Mar 1 08:58:43 CET 2006

Matthew D Swank wrote:
> Richard Cameron wrote:
>> It looks like "Erlang: The Movie" has resurfaced in all its glory on  
>> Google Video:
> Very affecting performances all the way around :)
I love this review:

 "gerade gefunden: Erlang the Movie 
<>. Ich kann 
mir nicht helfen, aber das hat irgendwie
  was von einer Mischung aus Sendung mit der Maus und Monty Python.

  @Tim: Das ist doch mal ein echter Geekfilm ;-)"

Which means "a bit like a mix of Sendung mit der Maus (children program, 
which is famous for short films that explain how things work) and Monty 
Python. A real geek movie". :-)

You watch it and think "Is it meant serious?  Or are these folks just 
having fun trying out the new departments video camera instead of 
working? How do they manage not bursting out laughing?". I really need 
the secret file, the one with the outtakes.

BTW I showed this on a laptop during coffeebreak, but I fear it didn't 
brainwash the attending Java programmers. However they liked the frame 
with the old X11 surface and asked me what desktop I was using on the 
laptop. :-)


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