JSON library

James Larson jalarson@REDACTED
Mon Jan 23 21:06:24 CET 2006

Here (finally) is our JSON (http://json.org) library for Erlang 
(assuming that it gets through as a binary attachment).  It's a simple, 
standalone file rather than an application.  It's offered under the 
Erlang License v1.1.

Based on previous discussion on the list, we changed the representation 
of JSON objects from dicts to tagged proplists.  We're keeping JSON 
strings as Erlang strings, rather than Erlang binaries, as we didn't 
want to hardcode any particular Unicode format.  It's surprisingly 
useful to represent JSON arrays as Erlang tuples, instead of Erlang 
lists, as it allows many Erlang data types, such as now() timestamps or 
inet addrs, to be convertible.

Please send bugs/fixes/contributions to the authors.


Jim Larson
A2Z Development, Inc. ("An Amazon.com Company")

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