ets or mnesia?

Jérémie Lumbroso jeremie@REDACTED
Sun Apr 9 02:11:50 CEST 2006

Thank you for all your input. It seems the consensus would have me use ets.

Rich, I'm beginning to see that gen_server offers many of the things I need
for my server, but as I've just begun Erlang (and as this is a project I've
set myself specifically to get to know the basics of the language), I choose
not to take any shortcuts. That, and the fact that gen_server seems pretty
complicated, at this point!!!

In any case, as you all have recommend, I am going through the doc for ets.
As I am now only looking at ets:new,
ets:lookup, ets:insert, ets:delete, as suggested by Rich, I find it much
easier to focus (perhaps the abundance of calls is overwhelming!).


After a few days of use, it turns out ets is exactly what I needed—a
(simple) globally accessible table with key-lookup capabilities. Perfect!
Thank you all very much.

Kind Regards,

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