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> Rich, I'm beginning to see that gen_server offers many of the things I need
> for my server, but as I've just begun Erlang (and as this is a project I've
> set myself specifically to get to know the basics of the language), I choose
> not to take any shortcuts. That, and the fact that gen_server seems pretty
> complicated, at this point!!!

i flet exactly the same way when i built my first erlang system.  didn't really
understand OTP, and figured i wanted to learn the core language better by
rolling my own.  big mistake.  i ended up spending a lot of effort building the 
same capabilities that OTP does 10 times better, and the result is not nearly
so elegant or robust.  

admittedly, back then there was little useful information about using OTP, a 
situation that's getting a little better.  it'd be much easier to go the OTP root now, 
with the various tutorials floating around.  were i starting from scratch now, i 
might even make the right call.

do what's right for you, but think hard about the things
you're giving up that come essentially for free.

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