Help with learning Erlang

Tue Sep 27 15:19:32 CEST 2005

Hi, I am Jose Balado from Santiago de Compostela, (Galicia, Spain). and would 
like to know if there is somebody near, to meet in person or perhaps 
interested in learning it with me. I am studying second course of 
"técnico superior en administración de sistemas informáticos", sorry I don't 
know what would be the equivalent degree in Europe, and I would like to do
a final proyect for this course with Erlang, if I be able to persuade the 
teacher, so any help will be greatly appreciated in that respect. 
 I would like to try programming some basic problems of Artificial 
Intelligence. I'm tryng in Erlang some Prolog problems I take from Ivan Bratko 
"Prolog programming for artificial intelligence".
 I studied of logic and a little prolog in my philosophy studies, I have 
a "bachelor degree in philosophy?".
  Hey, I think only a bachelor degree in philosophy must be allowed to be
 Phd 'Doctor of Philosophy' :-)

 Another question:

 Please, is anybody interesting in doing with me a very basic Erlang tutorial? 
You can take a look of my work at:

 I think Erlang lacks of a truly beginners tutorial and this is very important 
for any programming language. A tutorial easy to follow, fun, with a lot of 
simple and useful examples, with lots of problems and their 
solutions, so anyone wanting to learn a programming language could have Erlang 
as its first programming language.

 The tutorial are mainly notes written by me with my poor understanding of 
Erlang and English.

 Sorry for this long a boring speech.

Thank you very much,

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