Erlang thesis online (in Finnish)

Niclas Eklund nick@REDACTED
Mon Oct 31 09:56:59 CET 2005


Thanks Jani! I should point out that has Jani contributed a lot to the
Erlang/CORBA community by evaluating new features, benchmarking,
interoperability tests with other open source ORB:s, suggesting new
features etc etc. Thanks again Jani!


On Thu, 27 Oct 2005, Jani Launonen wrote:
> Hello all,
> my diploma thesis "CORBA-väliohjelmiston vikasietoisuuden lisääminen 
> passiivisella replikointistrategialla" ("Improving Fault Tolerance of CORBA 
> Middleware by Passive Replication Strategy") is about changing Orber 
> internals and taking advantage of Mnesia replication to store CORBA 
> object's state. The thesis is available online, but is in Finnish, so it 
> will be just a curiosity to most of the Erlang-list members as I've counted 
> just a couple of Finnish in the list (hello Jouni, hello Jani H.!). Just in 
> case there's other Finnish-speaking lurkers around...
> There's abstract in English, but it doesn't tell too much of the dirty 
> details of course.
> I want to acknowledge especially Niclas Eklund for his great and usually 
> blindingly fast help concerning Orber basics and internals --- without 
> Niclas' help my thesis about Orber wouldn't exist! Also big thanks to Dan 
> Gudmundsson for ansvering Mnesia questions. Naturally everyone involved in 
> developing Erlang/OTP tools and documentation or anyway improving Erlang 
> deserve thanks!
> -+-+-+-
> Jani Launonen

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