Erlang thesis online (in Finnish)

Jani Launonen jabba@REDACTED
Thu Oct 27 21:40:18 CEST 2005

Hello all,

my diploma thesis "CORBA-väliohjelmiston vikasietoisuuden lisääminen 
passiivisella replikointistrategialla" ("Improving Fault Tolerance of CORBA 
Middleware by Passive Replication Strategy") is about changing Orber 
internals and taking advantage of Mnesia replication to store CORBA 
object's state. The thesis is available online, but is in Finnish, so it 
will be just a curiosity to most of the Erlang-list members as I've counted 
just a couple of Finnish in the list (hello Jouni, hello Jani H.!). Just in 
case there's other Finnish-speaking lurkers around...

There's abstract in English, but it doesn't tell too much of the dirty 
details of course.

I want to acknowledge especially Niclas Eklund for his great and usually 
blindingly fast help concerning Orber basics and internals --- without 
Niclas' help my thesis about Orber wouldn't exist! Also big thanks to Dan 
Gudmundsson for ansvering Mnesia questions. Naturally everyone involved in 
developing Erlang/OTP tools and documentation or anyway improving Erlang 
deserve thanks!

Jani Launonen

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