Issue with xmerl_eventp:stream_sax

Jani Hakala jahakala@REDACTED
Sat Oct 15 13:00:04 CEST 2005

Eric Merritt <cyberlync@REDACTED> writes:

> Guys,
>  I have a little issue with the stream sax stuff from xmerl. Well
> formed xml is giving me the following error and I don't really know
> why. If you need me to I can supply examples of the callback module
> and the xml. Thanks!
Do you have something like 
   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

in the beginning of the document? Last time I tested
xmerl_eventp:stream_sax that line caused problems for some
reason. After removing (altough there should have been no need to) I
was able to do something with xmerl_eventp:stream_sax.

Jani Hakala

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