snmpm: documentation bug

Micael Karlberg micael.karlberg@REDACTED
Fri May 20 09:02:47 CEST 2005


Anders Nygren writes:
 > Hi
 > I just noticed some errors in the snmp manager documentation, in R10B-4.
 > snmpm: gb/5,6,7,8 (get bulk) is not documented.
 > (Another thing, is there any special reason that there are no async
 > get bulk functions?)

It is not documented because it is not properly implemented (a call
only returnes {error, {not_supported, sync_get_bulk}}).

 > snmpm_user: handle_error/3 is not documented.

Strange. According to our clearcase db it was added snmp-4.0.4, which
was included in R10B-1. This is cut from the documentation:

handle_error(ReqId, Reason, UserData) -> Reply


ReqId = integer()
Reason = term()
UserData = term()
Reply = ignore

This function is called when the manager failes to sent a
asynchroneous message. I.e. encoding error.

 > /Anders


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