REAL type not supported by ASN1 compiler?

Thu May 19 11:06:31 CEST 2005


Tried the following message definition, in file Test.asn1


Msg ::= CHOICE
  aReal [1] REAL


When we do a erlc Test.asn1:

$ erlc Test.asn1
$ Erlang ASN.1 version "" compiling "/home/betis/tmp/Test.asn1"
$ Compiler Options: [ber,
$ asn1error:7:'Test':'Msg' {internal_error,{'cant check','REAL'}}

If REAL is replaced with INTEGER, works fine.

A quick check in the distrib source coude for asn1ct,
module asn1ct_check.erl, function check_type() reveals
a big case statement there, where all types are handled but 
not 'REAL'.

Patch needed? ;)

-- Alex

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