Using MS SQL 7.0 and Mnesia

jim min stock16@REDACTED
Fri May 13 23:20:09 CEST 2005

I've read thru alot of the thread and have not yet found a mention about 
using SQL 7.0 and Mnesia together. I know that there is the ODBC that allows 
erlang to use ODBC connections.

Is there a previous Question or info about using Mnesia nodes for the grunt 
work of database processing....but using SQL to do the permanent record 

I'm looking to upload Parts of a SQL DB into Mnesia for processing by the 
services...... and periodically dump records back to the SQL Database on 
Disk for updating....and viser-versa.

I am trying to do something similar to the "Banking Example" by Joe 
Armstrong....but using Erlang as sort of an ATM Machine.

I want Erlang to upload the banking records from SQL to Mnesia and do 
deposits and withdrawls.
I also need it to process "Outside" Deposits and Withdrawls that will be 
held in the SQL database as "Pending Withdrawls" and "New Deposits"
At the end of the Day, I want it to Dump its account information back to the 
SQL Disk Database.

Anything like this been mentioned.... or any tips on where I can get info to 
Implement this.


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