.config file bug (probably not Windows specific)

Matthias Lang matthias@REDACTED
Wed May 4 01:11:26 CEST 2005

Anders Nygren writes:

 > That is not true, on Linux it works with R10B-4, 

Are you sure?

 > Case 1, nothing after .

Are you really sure?

 > anders@REDACTED:~/src/test> cat sys.config
 > [{mnesia,[{dir,"path"}]}].
 > anders@REDACTED:~/src/test> erl -config sys.config

Your 'sys.config' file probably contains an 0x0a after the '.'. If
there really was nothing at all after the '.', then the prompt after
the 'cat' command would not be on its own line.

Here's what happens on my system when I use a config file which
doesn't contain anything after the '.'.

   otp_src_R10B-4 >hexdump -C /tmp/sys.config 
   00000  5b 7b 6d 6e 65 73 69 61  2c 5b 7b 64 69 72 2c 22  |[{mnesia,[{dir,"|
   00010  70 61 74 68 22 7d 5d 7d  5d 2e                    |path"}]}].|
   otp_src_R10B-4 >bin/erl -config /tmp/sys.config
   {error_logger,{{2005,5,4},{1,0,15}},'"/tmp/sys.config": none:
     <dot><whitespace> not found\n',[]}
Looks a lot like the behaviour you're claiming is windows-specific.

Do you have a test case which behaves differently on Windows and Linux?


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