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John-Olof Bauner John-Olof.Bauner@REDACTED
Tue Jan 11 09:31:13 CET 2005

Vlad Dumitrescu wrote:

> Yes, but when the "others" will realize what's needed, what stops them to
> incorporate the Erlang model into (for example) Java or C#, or even 
> C++? Given
> that technical wars are won with massive marketing and not necessarily 
> by being
> best, the result is not given...
Once Ericsson developed a nice language, EriPascal, that run in a 
propritary OS called EriOS. It had some of the features of Erlang like 
modules, signals between processes with implicit defer of signals, 
process supervision (link handling), etc. A consultancy company, ENEA, 
rewrote the OS in C (and M68000 assembler at that time). So instead of a 
propritary language the mechanisms for writing real-time systems became 
available to a broader public. Ericsson became a main customer to Enea's 
OS called OSE. Today OSE is very videly spread in the telecom world and 
is used in half of the new mobile phones sold worldwide and in a range 
of other products like base stations.


ps. Maybe you got this twice - some problem with the mail server, exchange.

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