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Tue Jan 11 10:58:58 CET 2005

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From: "John-Olof Bauner" <John-Olof.Bauner@REDACTED>
> Once Ericsson developed a nice language, EriPascal, that run in a
> propritary OS called EriOS. It had some of the features of Erlang like
> modules, signals between processes with implicit defer of signals,
> process supervision (link handling), etc. A consultancy company, ENEA,
> rewrote the OS in C (and M68000 assembler at that time). So instead of a
> propritary language the mechanisms for writing real-time systems became
> available to a broader public. Ericsson became a main customer to Enea's
> OS called OSE. Today OSE is very videly spread in the telecom world and
> is used in half of the new mobile phones sold worldwide and in a range
> of other products like base stations.

Yes, I know. I was taking the point of view of an Erlang user. I imagine that at
the time the EriPascal junkies weren't very pleased with the idea either ;-) And
also Erlang is now open-source - the newcomers might not be.

I don't mean that a Concurrency-oriented Java or C# would be a bad idea. I mean
that if CO is going to Conquer The World (tm), then (being an Erlang junkie) I'd
prefer Erlang to be the foremost environment.

The point would be that any effort in spreading The Erlang Way is useful.


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