Questions/Comments on online portion of "Concurrent Programming in Erlang"

Nick Linker xlcr@REDACTED
Fri Dec 16 05:14:51 CET 2005

Grant Olson wrote:

>Is there anywhere that has updated code? For example, the code in Figure 5.5
>won't run for me, presumably because lookup and insert are no longer BIFs.
>If there isn't any updated code, I'd be glad to post my notes somewhere once
>I get through the manual.
I got problems with the code in the book too. For example, at first I
was fail to run the balanced tree implementation, but this fact enforces
me to get deeper knowledge about it. Finally, I've implemented the
balanced tree on my own, examined the implementation in the book and 
even found that the pattern matching of "delete" function is not 
exhaustive :-) So, this partly not-working code is definitely a _good_ code.

>Is there any easy way to lookup modules in windows? In the above-listed
>code, I am assuming I need to track down a module for dictionaries or tables
>or lists.  I don't seem to be able to figure out how to do this from the
>documentation on windows.  The best I've done is googled on stuff like
>"erlang man dict", but it's awkward.
FAR, Alt+F7, search through the \erlang\lib directory with desired 
string :-)

Best regards,
Nick Linker

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