Bug in Erlang SMTP client?

Michael Bradford Michael.Bradford@REDACTED
Thu Jan 8 16:43:17 CET 2004

better late than never, here's a patch for the smtp_client-1.0 contribution
as well.

diff smtp_client-1.0/smtp_fsm.erl smtp_client-1.1/smtp_fsm.erl

> %% 1.1 fixes mail from & rcpt to bugs where they weren't
> %%    strictly standards compliant

< -vsn('v1.0').
> -vsn('v1.1').

<     Msg = ["mail from: ", Address, "\r\n"],
>     Msg = ["mail from:", Address, "\r\n"],

<     Msg = ["rcpt to: ", Address, "\r\n"],
>     Msg = ["rcpt to:", Address, "\r\n"],

I've also sent the new version (smtp_client-1.1) of the complete application
to Erlang Contributions.


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