Bug in Erlang SMTP client?

Jenny Dybedahl jch@REDACTED
Sun Jan 11 13:38:05 CET 2004

Franck Arnaud <franck@REDACTED> writes:

> This is a long shot, sorry if I'm not in the right place.
> I'm running an SMTP email server and I've got sessions with 
> franklin.telenor.se, which fail because this server is not 
> standards-compliant and tries this:
> which is illegal, see RFC 2821 or 821, compared to the correct:

As far as I can see, you are completely correct in your reading of the
RFC - I can't imagine why I haven't noticed this earlier...

> I suspect the offending software is written in erlang (so maybe 
> the author reading this list or known by someone from this list) 
> because while franklin.telenor.se does not accept incoming SMTP, 
> the MXs for the addresses (@beta.telenordia.se) reply with:
> 220 mailgw.tninet.se ESMTP BMR ErlangTM/OTP (3.1/3.3) [0s24906861zack];
> 220 planb.telenor.se ESMTP BMR ErlangTM/OTP (3.1/3.3) [0s3542782lennier];

Again, you're correct - I believe several of the people who have been
involved with the BMR system in the past are on this list, and at
least one person who's still involved with it is here as well.

Nevertheless, may I suggest that it would probably be quicker to send
an email to postmaster at the domain in question? That mail should be
forwarded to the sysadmin who's currently responsible for the email
system. (15 months ago that would have been me; now it's one of my
colleagues...) I'll check with that person if he's heard of it;
otherwise I'll make sure the fix gets done by our current support
partner. (While do some hobby programming in Erlang, which is why I'm
on this list, I'm not experienced enough to work with a system of this
complexity. Also I'm employed as a sysadmin, not a programmer...)

Should you see any further problems with these servers, please feel
free to let me know.

"I live in the heart of the machine. We are one." 

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