Building OTP R9C-0 on OpenBSD 3.3

Jay Nelson jay@REDACTED
Fri Sep 19 04:08:24 CEST 2003

I have been struggling with Rick Pettit's solution to the
OpenBSD 3.3 build problem.

It was a little more complicated because of two things:

1) The configure script detects OpenSSL by looking
for openssl.h which is located in /usr/include/openssl

2) The OPENSSL_CMD is /usr/sbin/openssl

Just saying --with-ssl=/usr/include/openssl cannot handle
both cases, nor does Rick's change to make SSL_BINDIR
$dir/sbin seem to work completely.

I had a stock standard OpenBSD 3.3 and couldn't get
anything to work until I had move 'make' out of the way
and symbolically linked 'gmake' to be make (after downloading
the gmake code since it doesn't install by default).

I will be upgrading to OpenBSD 3.4 (stock standard) in
November and can test out any new patches.  If one of
the developers needs an OpenBSD login account I can
provide one once I finish configuring my firewall this


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