Install fails during "make install"

Luther Huffman luther@REDACTED
Sat Sep 13 18:56:20 CEST 2003

Thanks to those who responded. Since others had successfully built the 
release, I thought perhaps something had been damaged in my environment 
by my experimenting with new developer tools, including Apple's June 
2003 release of gcc-3.3 which has just this month been replaced. That 
particular developer release had caused me serious trouble with 
wxWindows and Python and I had previously backed it out (long before 
installing erlang).

On the off chance that I had missed something I created a new account, 
removed all tools, did a clean install of the developer tools (December 
2002, gcc-3.1), then tried to build and install Erlang. It worked. I 
don't know whether it was the tools, an environment variable or an ill 
wind on the subetheric but it's over now. :-)

Thanks for the assistance,

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