Need for new compiler directives to supress warnings

Erik Stenman Erik.Stenman@REDACTED
Sat Jul 26 13:13:26 CEST 2003

I have been asking for these kind of flags for a long time.
I am constantly redefining size...

As far as I remember there is a problem in that the linter
is executed before the compiler flags in the file are parsed.
So with the current architecture, even if the linter could
handle these flags they would have to be passed as arguments
to the compiler instead of being specified in the source file,
which would be somewhat annoying.

> Hi,
> I think support of some directive to supress specific warnings 
> should be added to the compiler/lint in future versions.
> The two most obvious things I would like to see is:
> 1) supression of warning definition of bif.
>    this warning is, i guess, the result of the uncertainty of 
> scope rules in the dark ages.
>    i would like to be able to:
> -redefine_bif([size/1]).
> 2) supression of warning on use of obsolete functions.
>    In some case use of obsolete is absolutely necessary
>    like the use of hash for backward compatibility reasons.
>    could be something like:
> -use_obsolete(erlang, [hash/2]).
> Comments ?
> /Per
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