binary_to_term size limit

Sebastian Strollo seb@REDACTED
Fri Jul 18 19:01:31 CEST 2003


> >The term must have gone stale, how did you transport it? :-)
> Stale?

Kidding. I was trying to get you to give us more details, like the
ones below:

> I used erl_interface.

I haven't actually used erl_interface myself, so I'll leave the more
educated guessing to someone else. But basically the external term
format does not have any size limitations (as such, but there are
limitations, e.g. the beam emulator doesn't allow larger atoms than
255 characters et.c.) , so I would look at either how you create the
terms (does erl_interface allow you to create "illegal" terms?) or how
you send the term to erlang (are you getting partial terms?)

> The term is constructed in C code.  Perhaps
> erl_encode has a size limmit for the term it can encode then?  I
> used erl_term_len to allocate a buffer of the correct size, and the
> allocation goes smoothly.  Once the binary representation is
> recieved by erlang the binary_to_term call fails.  It works for
> smaller terms, so logically somewhere along the line a size limmit
> exists.  Perhaps the limmit is internal to erl_interface?

Just my 2c worth...


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