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Thu Dec 11 15:56:26 CET 2003

On 11 Dec 2003, Massimo Cesaro wrote:

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> As for writing the well known patterns mentioned: they are all
> documented and implemented in C++ in the open source ACE C++ toolkit
> authored by D.C.Schmidt. I used to work with ACE for nearly all my
> telecomm related projects because several communication building blocks
> are there and they are portable as well. Then, this year I "discovered"
> Erlang *and* OTP: I was amazed to see that not only in OTP all the
> problems solved by the patterns in ACE have a solution. But usually the
> way they are implemented in Erlang is several order of magnitude simpler
> to understand and manage that the counterparts in C++, and usually even
> richer in features (the distribution features spring to mind).

Shameless plug here:

  read chapter 4 of my thesis "Programming Techniques"
  and  chapter 6 "Building an application"

  Chapter 4 shows how to "abstract out" concurrency - so you can write
concurrent things (like client server models) with sequential plug-in code.

  Section 6.1.1 "How behaviours are written" goes into detail of the callback
style of programming that is the basis for all behaviours.

  Once you've understood the basic idea you should find it easy to roll
your own "custom" behaviours.

  The thesis is on-line at


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