mohammad banat banat82@REDACTED
Wed Dec 3 17:15:41 CET 2003

what are the number of behaviours existing in erlang /otp and how i 
can use behaviour in order to implement design patterns?
> espacially the pattern reactor i want to know how i can implement it 
using erlang?
> can i implement it using behaviour ?
> how i can determine the applicable behaviour to a pattern , ihave to 
know what all behaviours do?
> i need to know which erlang version that i have to use inorder to 
write an applications using erlang/otp and if this version supported with 
the the needed behaviours to start develping a gate way
> what is the behaviours needed to implement these 
patterns(reactor,router,active object,half-sync/half-async,connector,acceptorservice 

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