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Francesco Cesarini cesarini@REDACTED
Mon Sep 18 13:42:37 CEST 2000

> still, when in debug, if i do , say search, 1 or 2 second may lapse before
> the search windows get focus. any idea about that ?
> i m trying to assess it its:
>     - tk (gs is tk based, is it ?)
>     -gs
>     -erlang , or func approach to that

I haven't looked at GS in 4 years, but if I recall correctly, it has to
do with the implementation, where the major bottleneck is the Erlang to
TCL communication. It all goes through one socket, and all commands have
to be converted to strings.

I think Tony Rogvall solved that problem by implementing an Erlang to TK
(ETK) package on which he was able to demo some fairly efficient
applications. If you are planing on building a GUI, you should maybe
look at that. (I am not sure if it is stored in the Erlang Archive
heaven, or is released in some other form). Check out the archives and
the older erlang releases. (First came out with Erlang 47.4.1).

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